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Cellcore Products, First Steps, & Purchase Code

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Helpful Steps with root cause solutions as you educate, navigate your goals, and move forward in living healthy, healing, and ready to thrive.

This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat individuals.

“CellCore Biosciences helps the body's natural ability to detox. As you become your own wellness gatekeeper, cellcore becomes a tool to understanding root cause approaches to living healthy and whole.”

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(Attention!! Read Helpful Tools Below!)

A few keys to remember before you start any journey: It's vital to understand that every individual is not starting form the same place and will not reach the same destination at the same time. Each person comes with a bioindividual system which may require a slightly different map, pivots, and patience. Understanding that this is normal and part of the process helps to set you up to succeed from the start. Oh, and be kind to yourself. Your body is a gift from God and He designed it to let you know if something is not on target and is capable of course correction. The protocol is a process! Let that sink in. Changes are to be expected along the way. That may surface as symptoms. If symptoms cause discomfort, listen to your body. You may want to stop or readjust. I call this course correction time. Lowering and slowing the wellness protocol is necessary and normal for many.

My Favorite Must-Dos Before:

  • Hydration is always a big deal! Drink distilled, mineralized water all throughout your day. You don't want to drink toxic water from your facet or frig unless you know it has ran through a good filtration system.

  • Work on opening your drainage pathways. This is like your own plumbing system. You want to make sure the extra junk(toxins and waste) gets dumbed out. Think hydration, movement and dry brushing, sweating, pooping daily, lymphatic massage, breath work (helps with lower fight or flight response and aids with drainage), ect.

  • Kick the stress! Make it a non-negotiable. Write it down to remind you.

  • Test your supplements! Before starting a new supplement or protocol, its wise to test that supplement one at a time. You may start with one product a day at one capsule, half of a capsule, or even one fourth of a capsule and see how your body responds. If your body does well, you continue with that same supplement the next day and add the next product/supplement. See how your body responds. If your body does well, you would continue adding each supplement one day at a time until you have tested them all.

  • If you have discomfort or you are herxing, you listen closely to your body and stop. Your body may need more drainage work before starting and that is okay! Or You may need to start with a smaller amount of that supplement for a time.

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